the discharge end use conical structure

  • Modes of underwater discharge propagation in a series

    Modes of underwater discharge propagation in a series of nanosecond successive pulses. ... estimated as the radius of the sphere enveloping the discharge structure.

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  • Impact of a Magnetic Field on Rotation of a Gas

    Impact of a magnetic field on rotation of a gas discharge around an axisymmetric body ... on the structure and dynamics of the discharge, ... discharge, the conical ...

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    The longitudinal z-pinch time evolution study between two conical electrodes was ... the discharge basic ... and their disintegration at the end of the ...

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  • Ordered structures of microparticles in a glow

    The use of a conical dis- ... window provided in the end face of the discharge tube, ... to the structure and entrains other dust particles to draw

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  • Discharge of Drilling Fluids Filtration Sodium Chloride

    Discharge of Drilling Fluids ... Internal structure of clay particles and ... a vortex A conical section ending with an ...

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  • Class Definition for Class 315 ELECTRIC LAMP AND ...

    Patents claiming an electric lamp or discharge device structure and means broadly to supply ... in a conical path. SEE OR ... the cathode at one end, ...

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  • Conical plate centrifuge Wikipedia

    As the liquid discharge in conical plate centrifuge is under ... steps by reducing the size of structure and ... at the solid discharge end of the ...